Bio - Mary Madison and Cloud 9 Massage Spa Eustis

Mary Madison, Licensed Esthetician


     I started my journey to pursue a career in skin care after I retired and moved to Florida. After I injured my shoulder, I decided to go the holistic route and began getting massages by Rebecca Noll at Cloud 9 Massage Spa Eustis. It was through our connection that the opportunity to become a licensed Esthetician presented itself. 

My deep desire to heal my body, mind and spirit and the faith that I was following the right path remains strong. Going back college and starting my own skin care  business was the beginning of my new out look on life.

     I hope your personal journey leads you to a holistic approach to caring for your mind, body and soul.

Many Blessings...Mary

Cloud 9 Massage Spa Eustis


My skin care practice in located within Cloud 9 Massage Spa Eustis. Cloud 9 Massage Spa is owned and operated by Florida Licensed Massage Therapist Rebecca Noll and  her husband, Jason. Cloud 9 has a staff of therapists as well as a group of independent practitioners, including myself, that operate within the Cloud 9  facility. Visit the about us page on their site to see a full listing of therapists and their contact information. 

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